• cattery northwich cheshire
cattery northwich cheshire

Coronavirus Update: 10/02/2021

“We are pleased to announce that we are now open and taking bookings."

Julie and all the team at oakdale.


cattery northwich cheshire

Luxury Accommodation For Cats

Oakdale Cattery is a well-appointed retreat in the Cheshire countryside, custom built for your feline pet.

When you go away for a holiday, you can give your cat a treat as well.

You can relax more too, knowing that your pet is in a comfortable, cat-friendly environment.

Oakdale Cattery is just that - a cattery - there is no noisy boarding kennel. Our feline guests can relax in peace free from anxiety caused by repeated barking of dogs. Whilst at Oakdale Cattery, cats live in purpose-built accommodation.

Convenient for departures from both Manchester and Liverpool airports, Oakdale Cattery is the cattery of choice for many caring owners across the North of England and North Wales.

cattery northwich cheshire

cattery northwich cheshire